Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Information for Short Film Contest

What exactly is my Imagine If short film supposed to be about?

The idea with the Imagine If series is to take a Western individual or family and place them in situations that commonly occur in the lives of millions across Asia. So often we grow numb to the stories of tragedy from developing nations. Placing these stories into familiar surroundings makes it much more real and relatable. Your film doesn’t have to be perfect or professional, any camera or smart phone will do the job! Choose a topic you are passionate about and stick with it - let God do the rest.

Do you have sample films?

Here are two film examples from last year's contest.

What are the video requirements?

How are the winners chosen?

There will be two winners. One winner will be selected from the Video Entries that receives the most public votes in the announced voting timeframe. The second winner will be selected by GFA.

GFA Selection will be judged on the following criteria:

Read the Official Rules

Do you have some story ideas?

There are so many different situations you can present, but here are some stories and information to help you as you create your film.

Abandoned Children

Beggar Child Left to Die
Abandoned Boy Finds Hope
Fatherless Children
About Abandoned Children

Missionary Persecution

Teenage Girls Beaten
Extremists Attack Missionary

Christians Persecuted

Believers Not Allowed to Drink Water

Dalit (Untouchables)

Who are the Dalits?
300 Million Victims and Rising

Girls/Women in Asia

A Baby Girl is Nothing to Celebrate
Women in Asia
Secure in the Slum (Geeta)
New Hope for Slum Widow

Clean Water

About the need for water
Jesus Wells: More than Water
Jesus Wells: Did You Know video
Jesus Well Makes a Huge Difference
Desperately Searching for Survival

Slum life

Slum Ministry
Secure in the Slum
In the Heart of the Slums
New Hope for Slum Widow


Women’s Literacy Program
Empower Women to Read
Chains of Illiteracy



Church Buildings

Church Under a Tree
Early Morning Prayer Build a Church


Widows Struggle to Survive
New Hope for Slum Widow
Widow’s Answered Prayer

Do you have any resources for making a quality video?

Planning the video

The 4 P’s of Storytelling (short video lessons):

Download 4 P’s of Storytelling PDF*

Music for your video

Adding music to your video to help tell the story is important. Here are a few sites that have music you can use.

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Get Started and Make a Difference

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