The Imagine If Concept

The idea with the Imagine If films is to take Western families and place them in situations that commonly occur in the lives of millions throughout Asia.

Oftentimes we hear of terrible events that happen on the news, but it doesn’t leave a lasting impression on us because we don’t have to deal with those conditions here in the West. However, if the same thing happened to someone in our own culture, it would make us stop and want to do something about it.

Watch the winning video from last year's contest below titled "Abandoned"

Millions of children find themselves discarded, orphaned or kidnapped and sold into bonded labor or sex trafficking. These children face abuse and starvation and are forced to try to survive on the streets. Many commit suicide. In 2007, *UNICEF estimated that there were 25 million orphaned children in India. Sadly this number continues to escalate at alarming rates each year.

Imagine if you couldn't provide for your children. Here in the West, though it can be a struggle, there is hope. In South Asia, the only option parents can think of is abandonment.

Often times, the parents, especially the mothers, live with the guilt of this decision the rest of their lives. But because of the desperate needs of the rest of their family, they feel they have no other choice.

Some of the reasons children are abandoned:

  • Extreme poverty
  • Couples do not want a female child
  • Young women and girls who become pregnant against their will
  • Social stigmas

Other children run away from abusive situations. All of these scenarios have led to millions of boys and girls left behind by their society, culture and families.

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Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
- James 1:27

* UNICEF web site

Have an Eternal Impact

The Film above is an example of how a film you create can have a lasting impact. Amazingly, it was picked up by web sites like The Christian Post and

Because of this one film, people have helped support our work among widows and abandoned children in South Asia, and we have seen children sponsored through our Bridge of Hope program! The Lord has used this film to stir hearts within the church in the West. It’s awesome to see what the Lord can do through one film. It’s really about the heart of the message and the Lord’s heart to reach men, women and children who do not yet know of His love for them.

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The "imagine if" short film contest is hosted by Gospel for Asia’s U.S. Headquarters.

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