Imagine If Contest 2014 Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated this year!

First Place Winner - Costly Treasure

Imagine if things happened in America like they do in Asia. See what happens when a young boy gets a Bible for 24 hours.

Second Place Winner - Walking for Water

How easy is it to take clean water for granted when all we have to do is turn on our faucet? How much do we waste not realizing how precious this resource it is? Put yourself in the shoes of poverty stricken villagers in South Asia whose women and children spend hours walking every day for dirty water that often causes malnourishment and disease. Everyone needs clean water, you don't realize how essential it is until this resource becomes limited to you. Imagine if you were in their shoes.

Third Place Winner - Where's Andy

In the face of financial crisis, millions of destitute families are left with no alternative but to enslave their children. They may labor 14 hours a day, every day, year after year, to pay off a loan of just $50.

Fourth Place Winner - She'll Be Taken Care Of

Imagine a life in which having a daughter meant having to pay four times your annual salary to her husband's family for him to marry her. Imagine if staying unmarried in your society was not an option for her. Imagine your only solution was entrusting her to a total stranger, knowing that you would likely never see her again.

What would you do?

Public Vote Winner - Journey

Imagine if... Your Sunday morning was spent trekking through the woods.

First Place Contest Prizes:

  • One-on-one consultation and critique with award-winning filmmaker
  • Your video featured by Gospel for Asia on our website and communications
  • Framed movie poster, signed by Grammy Nominated Recording Artist, Natalie Grant

The "imagine if" short film contest is hosted by Gospel for Asia’s U.S. Headquarters.

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